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The JSP Struts Tutorial will help new JSP developers understand the benefits of struts and how to program their first struts program. Also included is JSP Struts movies to show by example.
This tutorial will explain first steps using the web framework Apache Struts and the development environment eclipse. We will create a simple example library application.
This page will give you a short overview of Struts Framework and its main components. After finishing reading this, continue on to the tutorial to create a simple Struts-based Web application.
 In this hands-on lab, you will learn the fundamental concept, architecture, and features of Struts 1.1 by building and deploying simple Struts applications, following a step-by-step guide using NetBeans.
In this tutorial, you will develop a simple online registration application.
Site contains the struts sample tutorial for beginners and advanced, sample sturts interview question.
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