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website provides beginners to Java programming some examples of how to use the Java API (Application Programming Interface) to develop an application.
Examples from Java Servlet Programming, 2nd Edition
Site has lot good java tips and tricks
Good tips for Java Certification
This page presents programming examples utilizing the Java Sound API. The intent is to show basic programming techniques and best practices with the Java Sound API.

Very good Java 3D examples
The Java Editor example demonstrates the standard features available for custom text editors.  It also shows how  to register an editor for a file extension (in this case .jav) and how to define a custom Document provider for use by that editor. This example is only for demonstration purposes.
Java Email Examples. Send Email in Java · Send HTML Email with Embedded Images and CSS Style Sheet · Convert Web Page (URL) to HTML Email and Send .
In addition to author's Java image FAQ and list of Java libraries to read and write image files this page shows small working Java programs that demonstrate how to deal with image files with the standard runtime library and the most popular external libraries
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